Dave Grohl helmed documentary nears...
Sound City

The latest trailer for the forthcoming Sound City documentary has gone online.

Located in California, Sound City was one of rock's most iconic studio complexes. Spawning countless seminal albums, the list of bands who have recorded there ranges from Neil Young & Crazy Horse to Johnny Cash, Rage Against The Machine and more.

Closing in 2011, a final auction saw Dave Grohl purchasing the mixing desk from the studio. The drummer's love affair with Sound City didn't end there, though, with the musician currently helming a lengthy documentary about the studio.

Roping in a few famous friends, 'Sound City' is set to première at Sundance in February. Last night a new trailer for the film went online, starring Josh Homme, members of Rage Against The Machine, Metallica and of course the Skeeter family - who owned the studio for more than forty years.

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'Sound City' will be released through Roswell Films in February.