As new box set is released

Watch archive footage of Richard Thompson performing at the BBC ahead of his new box set.

One of the finest guitar players Britain has produced, Richard Thompson is also a sensitive and evocative songwriter. Throwing himself into new and unusual projects, his career contains some spellbinding highs.

Returning again and again to the BBC in order to record live sessions, the full collection of clips builds up into a useful alternative history of the guitarist's career.

Richard Thompson has assisted in the production of the new box set 'Live At The BBC'. In total, the collection includes 61 audio tracks and 19 filmed performances moving throughout his career.

Only one session - from 1974 - has ever been released before. Moving from his work with then-wife Linda Thompson to his acclaimed solo career, the collection moves up to the present day.

Out now, the 3-CD box set contains four otherwise unreleased songs written by Richard Thompson as well as several traditional songs.

As a special preview, Richard Thompson has made a rare live clip available to stream...


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