Watch: Paul McCartney x Johnny Depp

New video looms...

Johnny Depp is set to make an appearance in the video for Paul McCartney’s track ‘My Valentine’.

Well, so much for surprises. Sir Paul McCartney had seemingly intended to première the videos for ‘My Valentine’ in Los Angeles tonight (April 13th) during a special event in Los Angeles.

Shooting three videos for the track, Sir Paul McCartney decided to direct the clips himself. Johnny Depp makes a guest appear in one, Natalie Portman agreed to appear in a separate shoot while the pair collaborate in the final video.

Seemingly inspired by a Stella McCartney idea, each clip was shot on 35mm film with Academy Award winning cinematographer Wally Pfister coming on board to assist the project.

However the curse of Friday the 13th appears to have struck the former Beatle down. A clip from the video has leaked online, featuring Johnny Depp clutching an acoustic guitar.

Watch the clip below.

The final version of each video will be unveiled tonight (April 13th) as planned in Los Angeles, before hitting the web tomorrow.

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