Directed by Ferry Gouw

LULS have posted the Ferry Gouw directed video for their upcoming single 'Swing Low'.

LULS are a band of contradictions. Embracing electronic noise, the London based group also have a longing for well crafted melody lines. Dark, demented pop music the band are set to release a double A-side single through ParadYse Records on October 22nd.

Already gaining serious hype in certain quarters, LULS recently teamed up with director Ferry Gouw to produce a new video. Focussing on 'Swing Low' the resulting film features oscillating images pulling together and falling apart. Hypnotic, beautiful and unsettling the video is a dramatic introduction to both LULS and Ferry Gouw's work.

A quick quote from the director:

"My parents sent me a card a few years ago, a reproduction of an old victorian paper game, where you turn three discs on a card to make endless combinations of faces. this was the inspiration for the structure of the video. We wanted something colourful, and I'm always a fan of a simple idea unfolding beginning to end. The song kinda speaks for itself, so I didn't wanna make up a narrative for it or distract from it, but to frame it and shape it in a structure that hopefully help it come alive."

Watch the video below.

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LULS are set to release their new single on October 22nd.


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