Taken from 'Modern Myths'

Canadian newcomers Les Jupes have handed the video for new track 'Myth #7 (Honour)' to ClashMusic.

In terms of land mass, Canada is one of the biggest nation's on the planet. So how come every musician knows one another?

Take Les Jupes. A new name, the band boast some high profile connections - experienced producer Marcus Paquin also works with Silver Starling, signed to the perennially influential label Last Gang.

Using Michael P. Falk's baritone as a focal point, Les Jupes matched gorgeous layers of sound with subtle, often quite introspective songwriting.

Debut album 'Modern Myths' is out now, with Les Jupes beginning to gain a foothold in the UK. Fresh from a batch of British shows, the band have sent over a quick video preview to ClashMusic.

The video for 'Myth #7 (Honour)' is largely shot in black and white before switching to colour for the climax. Watch it below.

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'Modern Myths' is out now.

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