Taken from the 'Meantime' EP

Kwes has added some visual accompaniment to his track 'Bashful' - watch the clip below.

The new EP from Kwes, 'Meantime' isn't the sort of thing you absorb in one quick dose. Rather, you need to let the release float over you, capturing your attention at the oddest hours of the day or night.

Out on Monday (April 30th) a number of 'Meantime' previews have already emerged online. Lead cut 'Bashful' has now received the video treatment, with Kwes delighting in the 'awkward' clip.

“I had a wonderful time doing the video for ‘bashful’. Everyone involved did a fantastic job and Ian Pons Jewell is a fantastic director and all round great guy" he said. "I hope you enjoy it’s understated awkardness as much as we enjoyed being awkward”.

Watch the video below.

- - -

Naturally, this is far from the only project Kwes is undertaking. The producer recently hooked up with Micachu to piece together a fresh mixtape, with 'Kwesachu Vol. 2' set to emerge online next week.

The pair will perform at the Queen Elizabeth Hall this Saturday (April 28th) with the first 200 people to arrive to be given a limited edition 'Kwesachu Vol. 2' cassette.

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