Taken from 'America'

Dan Deacon has posted the video for his new track 'True Thrush' online - watch it below.

Dan Deacon's mind is a labyrinth of creativity. Veering off in countless different directions, the American artist plans to return later this year.

New album 'America' will be released on August 27th, with the artist recently posting the video to 'True Thrush'. Taken from his upcoming LP, the track is a typically eccentric piece of Deacon-style songwriting.

As usual, Dan Deacon's idiosyncratic approach extends to his visuals. The video for 'True Thrush' is inspired by the song's lyrics, and was seemingly based on a drawing game popular in the Baltimore art collective Wham City.

Ben O’Brien and Dan Deacon (making his directorial debut) took care of the clip, which was built up in several different segments. The original 13 second scene was handed to a different group of collaborators, who then had just one hour to re-create it exactly.

The cast of the video is made up of members of (deep breath) Wham City, Dan Deacon Ensemble, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Future Islands, Red Room Collective, Copycat Theater, Effervescent Dance Collective, Showbeast, Annex Theater, Nuclear Power Pants, FlucT, BXDC, Bloody Panda, Foot Talk, Important Comics, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and various members of the Baltimore Arts Community.

Watch the video below.


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