Spectacular - if bizarre - BBC project unveiled...
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The BBC is a truly special thing.

One of the few successful State-funded broadcasters in the world, its global reach and international reputation is almost unparalleled.

Deciding to pay tribute to its music output, the BBC has commissioned a spectacular cover of the Beach Boys’ ‘God Only Knows’. Brian Wilson stood at the helm, alongside orchestration from Tees Valley Youth Choir and the BBC Concert Orchestra.

Amongst the plethora of guest stars are everyone from Stevie Wonder to Pharrell, Queen’s Brian May to Lorde, Coldplay’s Chris Martin to Dave Grohl and countless more besides.

Due to be released as a single later this year, all proceeds from ‘God Only Knows’ will be donated to Save The Children.

As The Guardian point out, Brian Wilson was delighted with the results. "All of the artists did such a beautiful job I can’t thank them enough," he said. "I’m just honoured that 'God Only Knows' was chosen. 'God Only Knows' is a very special song. An extremely spiritual song and one of the best I’ve ever written." 

Check out the video below.

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