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Radiohead have assisted in the making of a bootleg film, available to download now.

Radiohead have a curious relationship with the internet. Where some bands have struggled to adapt to the web generation, the Oxford giants have used the medium as a means of maintaining contact with fans.

Regular blogs on the band's Dead Air Space blog led up to the release of 'In Rainbows'. With its inventive pay-what-you-like launch scheme, the album broke new ground for internet releases.

Now the Oxford group have allowed fans to create a Radiohead concert film, available as a free download. While still falling some way short of an official release, the new film was shot by a capable crew in Prague last year.

Radiohead played the Prague show in August last year, assisting with a film crew throughout. The band were shot from a variety of angles, and then provided a master tape from their soundboard.

The result has been compiled into a new free download concert film. Titled 'Prague DVD' the film opens with '15 Step' and draws extensively on 2007's 'In Rainbows' set.

However the band move through their back catalogue, with Radiohead dropping in a few old favourites. Reaching as far back as 'The Bends' the Oxford group are on typically faultless form.

Ending with 'Everything In Its Right Place' the set is now widely available. Click HERE to download the new concert film!

Meanwhile, Radiohead drummer Philip Selway is continuing his adventures as a solo artist. New album 'Familial' is out now, and received warm reviews from fans and critics with its mature songwriting.

The drummer played Ireland's Electric Picnic at the weekend, completing a short burst of live appearances across Europe.

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