Warmduscher’s ‘Love Strong’ Displays Debauched Physicality

They're back...

Warmduscher have shared new single ‘Love Strong’.

The band have a larger-than-life feel, blending garage punk, synth sleaze, and more across three unholy albums. 2022’s ‘At The Hotspot’ took Warmduscher to new levels, but they’re not about to slow down any time soon.

New single ‘Love Strong’ eases the group into a fresh chapter, and it’s accompanied by a trilogy of dates at London’s Brixton Windmill venue. Out now, ‘Love Strong’ is debauched in its physicality, the sound positively oozing out of the speakers.

Picking up where ‘At The Hotspot’ left off, it’s an all-out thriller that obeys no rules but its own. Oh, and there’s more to come, too. Here’s the band’s own Clams Baker Jr…

“Back in the lab for 2023 in celebration of our first tour of many in North America. Recorded and produced by Dan Carey, producer of ‘Whale City’ and ‘Tainted Lunch’. ‘Love Strong’ is the late-night adventure bridging the gap between ‘At The Hotspot’ and our next album due to hit the streets late 2023 on BELLA UNION. A love story of keeping it up in a world that wants to bring you down. Alive in the adventure, alone in the dream. ‘Love Strong’ and you’ll do just fine.”

Jeanie Crystal directs these self-proclaimed “reprobates” for the ‘Love Strong’ video, and she comments: “I’m always trying to blur boundaries in an attempt to create new spaces, so pairing classical trained dancers with a group of reprobate musicians is exciting to me. Allowing each individual artist to do what they want side by side in the same space regardless of medium is what I’m into. I’m just trying to seduce people into my doctrine.”

Tune in now.

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