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Vitalic's deep roots in club culture remain a key facet of his work.

The producer's new album 'DISSIDÆNCE' is testament to this; set to be released in two parts - the first segment drops on October 15th - it builds a fresh sonic identity.

Absorbing rock energy and immediacy, 'DISSIDÆNCE' blends this with an implicit awareness of what will work in a dance environment.

'Rave Against The System' is a key moment on the project, a salute to the subversive eroticism of the rave.

Blending physicality of sound with deftness of touch, 'Rave Against The System' is a manifesto of immediacy from a hugely experienced producer.

The video is online now, and it "embodies the crazy urge to celebrate all desires and all bodies," as he puts it. "An illegal party with dystopian accents welcomes a crowd gathering for a last dance. Old, young, trans, cis, POC, all shades of beauty… Here we celebrate the difference of those gorgeous human beings, united in an orgiastic moment."

With society moving out of lockdown, learning to embrace one another again has become paramount; 'Rave Against The System' leads the way forwards.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Yann Rabanier

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