Viking Moses Broods Hard With ‘Let This Trouble Pass’

A beautiful piece of songwriting...

Viking Moses is a project driven forwards by Brendon Massei, a man whose life hit top speed and then continued to accelerate. A stunning songwriter, his work carries an enriching sense of emotional depth, often viewing darker emotions from positions of light.

Now based in Edinburgh, the three-decade long Viking Moses catalogue is riddled with jewels. He’s your favourite songwriter’s favourite songwriter, in other words.

Returning once more, Viking Moses continued his famously nomadic lifestyle by going back out on the road with James Yorkston. Of the Scottish artist, he muses: “James Yorkston and I met nearly 20 years ago in the East Neuk of Fife, and while our friendship has unfolded at the pace of correspondence chess, it has intensified just as remarkably.” 

“Decades later, we are nearing a first-name-basis as we accumulate mileage and in-car pyrotechnics scares, and often it would seem we have trouble making any distinction between the easy-unravelling of our car rides and the warm curiosity of concert-goers.”  

Coinciding with the tour, Viking Moses has shared a video for his bruised song ‘Let This Trouble Pass’. A deeply atmospheric work, the song presents “a dialogue between ageing, childless partners. One is in a panic, the other seems willing to accommodate. Each may want the same outcome, but likely for different reasons.”

Director Gregg De Domenico takes care of the all-new video, fulfilling a long-held desire to do something with the song. He says: “‘Let This Trouble Pass’ has always been my favourite song of the Viking Moses catalog and perfect for the execution of this idea – two lovers fighting for a failing relationship. Broken down into the intensifying beats of the relationship’s last gasps, the video looks to harness the essence of each moment and reveal grander truths about the struggles of the modern relationship.”

Actress Julie Megan Smith takes a starring role in the video, and her expressions add something totally distinct. She says: “I was immediately drawn to the project by the rawness and honesty of the music…the poetry of the lyrics, and the story of a relationship. Also, I found the song particularly relevant on the edge of the pandemic. Two people struggling to find safe harbour in each other while the world around them is tumultuous… even though their relationship has its dysfunctions. ‘But you can stay with me, and ‘Let This Trouble Pass’.”

Tune in now.

Catch Viking Moses and James Yorkston on the road this month.

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