Check out 'Anima' now...

In a way, Vessel’s moniker is perfect.

The producer’s music is a vessel, something designed to hold and carry, to transport across rough waters.

New album – his second to date – ‘Punish Honey’ arrives on September 15th via ever on point Tri Angle Records. Stripped from said LP, new cut ‘Anima’ is online now and it’s a punishing piece of electronic production.

Using repetition as a weapon, the brittle, industrial tones are matched by a rare kinetic energy.

Check it out now.

In addition to this, Vessel is due to perform at the Tate Britain on October 3rd with Liverpool based Immix Ensemble. Daniel Thorne of Immix Ensemble describes the collaboration as loose exploration of technology:

"Musical instruments are somewhat of a technological anomaly in that they are rarely updated after their conception, often only receiving minor tweaks over the course of hundreds of years. As such, each instrument provides us with a snapshot of the cutting edge technologies of a particular time and place - the instruments used by Immix make use of technologies that date as far back as the 14th century. Collaborating with Vessel 'updates' this technological chronology by including the cutting edge tools of our time, along with those of his own invention."

See you there...

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