Vagabon Announces New Album ‘Sorry I Haven’t Called’

It's out on September 15th...

Vagabon will release new album ‘Sorry I Haven’t Called’ on September 15th.

The soulful multi-hyphenate caught attention with 2017’s ‘Infinite Worlds’, before advancing her art on the 2019 follow-up. Switching it up once more, Vagabon’s new work cuts ties with her past, displaying a carefree abandon.

Emerging from a period of grief, Vagabon is now grabbing life by the lapels. “I didn’t feel like being introspective,” she says. “I just wanted to have fun.”

The album opens with the lyric “can I talk my shit? / I got way too high for this”; she then leads into a finely curated world, 12 songs co-produced alongside Tamko and Rostam.

“This whole record is how I talk to my friends and how to talk to my lovers,” says Tamko. “I think honesty and conversational songwriting can become poetry. There’s beauty in plainly speaking without metaphors and without flowery imagery.”

New song ‘Can I Talk My Shit?’ is online, with accompanying visuals from Zac Dov Wiesel.

Tune in now.

1. Can I Talk My Shit?
2. Carpenter
3. You Know How
4. Lexicon
5. Passing Me By
6. Autobahn
7. Nothing To Lose
8. It’s a Crisis
9. Do Your Worst
10. Interlude
11. Made Out With Your Best Friend
12. Anti-Fuck

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