Uncle Tupelo’s ‘No Depression’ To Be Re-Issued

22 rarities unearthed...

Uncle Tupelo's 'No Depression' is set to be re-issued in a new, expansive edition.

By the late 80s, country had – arguably – lost its way. Sincerity was out and schlock was in, with only a few lone voices on the fringes reminding fans of how it used to be.

But then along came Uncle Tupelo. Blessed, in the form of Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy, with two outstanding songwriters, the group fused country with new, defiantly modern rock forms.

Debut album 'No Depression' helped to inspire the alt country movement, with one publisher even naming a highly regarded magazine in its honour.

Set to be re-issued, the original album is set to be packaged along with a total of 22 rarities. Set for release on January 27th, updated mastering was accomplished by veteran engineer Vic Anesini at New York City's Battery Mastering Studios.

The original material augmented by a number of extras, including 1989's legendary 'Not Forever, Just For Now' demo tape.

Pre-order the album HERE.

'No Depression' is set to be re-issued on January 27th.

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