TYCHO Announces New Album ‘Infinite Health’

"Hope for the future and a requiem for the past..."

TYCHO has confirmed plans for new album ‘Infinite Health’.

The American producer has built a singular catalogue, merging his sound design sensibilities with a propulsive use of electronics. Becoming bigger and bigger with each album, TYCHO’s live commitments seem to have triggered a new phase in his work.

Out on August 30th, new album ‘Infinite Heath’ finds the producer dialling back into the “breaks, drums and rhythmic element” of his work, while thematically it aims towards “hope for the future and a requiem for the past…”

TYCHO explains…

“I kept thinking back to the high-water mark scene in Fear and Loathing, the author sitting at a typewriter looking out a window onto his past, trying to find meaning in the chaos. Infinite Health is about creating a space for healing and reflection, a mantra for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. At the end of the day, all we really have is our health – both physical and mental – and we wish infinite health to our family and friends. So in those ways, infinite health is a salutation and an imperative.”

New song ‘Phantom’ opens with wisps of digitalised sound, before descending into a thrilling electronic journey. An up-beat return that recalls the crisp production styles behind Italo Disco, there’s also a sense of a spirit, or The Other, at play.

He says…

“I wanted it to feel like a blend of lights in a nightclub with some unknown entity. The phantom; a moving and shifting intelligence that serves as a conduit, maybe a deeper understanding of what’s beneath the surface of this all. It’s also about coming to terms with mortality (the phantom being the ever present spectre of mortality).” 

The appropriately 80s-themed video was crafted in collaboration with visual artist Ricardo B. Ponce aka Pixel Flux, while TYCHO edited and directed the clip himself.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Jamie James Medina

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