South London rock act unveil new single...
Twin Jackal

South London group Twin Jackal have always been drawn to vastly different sounds.

Growing up on UK hardcore acts such as Million Dead, the band have always had a thirst for dirty anthemic rock - think those early Biffy Clyro albums and you'd be close.

Sitting alongside this, however, Twin Jackal fuse the influence of left field acts, citing prolonged spells in the rehearsal room discussing Arcane Roots and Marmozets.

New single 'Humility' attempts to bring all this together, with the rhythmic chassis powering forwards with a metallic crunch.

Matching mathy, jagged elements to that strident, empowered vocal, 'Humility' sparks with energy, a hard-hitting introduction that comes emblazoned with fresh ideas.

Tune in now.

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