TV Room’s ‘Pretend’ Conjures A “Strange Hollowness”

It's an intriguing solo endeavour...

London artist TV Room has shared new song ‘Pretend’.

The moniker is the solo alter ego of Deep Tan’s drummer Lucy Rushton, blending aspects of Americana with indie rock songwriting. Working with London label Sad Club Records, new song ‘Pretend’ is out now and it’s a gently affecting introduction.

Opening with little more than guitar and vocals, the spartan template is broadened by drums, and a neat blast of Southern-style organ. Admitting a loose debt to Bonne Raitt, TV Room aims to conjure the feeling of loneliness within a relationship, the slow realisation that this partnership isn’t what you’ve come to expect.

“This song is about being strung along in a relationship” Lucy explains. “The strange hollowness that comes from going through all the familiar motions with that person – holding them, kissing them, having them tell you that they love you – and knowing that they don’t mean it.”

Backed with a neat video, ‘Pretend’ marks the emergence of a special new voice.

Photo Credit: Amy Ryder

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