As part of the Sub Pop Singles Club, Vol. 6...

TV Priest have shared new single 'Lifesize'.

The band's debut album 'Uppers' earned acclaim on its release, melding together bass-slung post-punk with some incredible lyrics.

Invited to contribute to the Sub Pop Singles Club, Vol. 6, TV Priest have responded by upping - see what we did there? - their game still further.

Out now, 'Lifesize' seems to condense the provocative, charred black indie-punk of their debut into one seismic track, something that bolts out of the traps and only seems to accelerate.

Frontman Charlie Drinkwater comments...

“‘Lifesize’ is about the worship of the ‘strong man’ image often present in our political and cultural discourse. One where the patriarchal underpinnings of our society and political structure goes unchallenged. After a particularly grueling year, when people have looked to leaders for strength, we’ve found instead empty gestures and contempt. (‘Talk like a salesman, walks like the Pope.’) We don’t need more macho bravado; society needs empathy and compassion.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Eva Pental

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