Tonight's Gig Moved, Plus New Tour: Buy Tickets

TV On The Radio have become both victims and winners of their own promotional efforts, with the band having to announce at last minute they will be moving their Concrete & Glass show (taking place tonight 3rd Oct) to a bigger venue. The gig will now take place at London's Cargo Venue.

The band have just released 'Dear Science', one of the year's most eclectic LP's, which is destined to climb into all the 'end of year polls'. The band have also been promoting the record throughout the UK, performing on shows such as Jools Holland (also set to air tonight).
TVOTR were originally set to play London's Hearne street Car Park venue, but the rise in interest has seen promoters scurrying to upgrade their show to a bigger venue.
The band have also announced they will tour the UK in November, tickets are available below.

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