Brooklyn dons take a break

Kyp Malone has told ClashMusic about the thought process behind TV On The Radio taking a break.

One of the most acclaimed groups of their generation, TV On The Radio released 'Dear Science' in 2008 to almost unanimous acclaim. Driving rock music into the future, the band seemed to be brimming with ideas.

Then, suddenly, they decided to take a break. Speaking to ClashMusic singer Kyp Malone explained that the Brooklyn group had never intended to become so involved with music, and that they simply needed their life back.

"Everybody went into it with the idea that we weren’t going to have to give over our lives completely, but then that kind of happened in a lot of ways for about six years consecutively" he explained.

"Things that took time which were outside of the band had to be put to one side and not dealt with. We need to have time to live our lives, otherwise all the potential joy of that very fortunate work can disappear. It can just be work, and nobody wanted that so it was time to take a break."

Continuing, Kyp Malone revealed just how long fans would have to wait to see TV On The Radio back in action: "Probably just shy of long enough!"

Meanwhile, Kyp Malone has released solo material under the name Rain Machine. Playing each instrument himself, the singer revealed that Stevie Wonder's 'Talking Book' was an enormous influence on him.

"I am not in any way trying to compare myself to this artist, but Stevie Wonder and his record ‘Talking Book’ was a huge inspiration. I bought it for myself on my 22nd birthday, and he plays all the instruments on that record and I remember listening to it and thinking, I was just in disbelief that anyone could do that and emerge with something that complete. I didn’t want to make ‘Talking Book’ at all, but that’s partly where the inspiration to make the record came from."

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