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Southampton based producer Tropics is streaming new EP 'Home & Consonance' online - listen to it now.

Hidden away on the South Coast, Chris Ward has been able to build an idiosyncratic, deeply individual voice. Fusing African rhythms with glitchy electronics and a soulful voice, the producer is already responsible for some Planet Mu backed otherworldly pop.

Continuing to push ahead, Tropics recently confirmed plans for a new EP. 'Home & Consonance' finds the producer focussing on his voice, using classic jazz and soul as a reference point.

Speaking recently, Chris Ward said: "I like to think of Home & Consonance as a collection of songs evoking the compatibility of harmony and sadness. Lyrically the tracks are about being away from the ones you love, and the confusion of lust and love. It’s emotional and upbeat but also aims to be sordid in parts. I was listening to a lot of jazz and soul music, old and new when I wrote the tracks. I also became interested in making music aimed for listening to late at night. ‘Parodia Flare’, my first album had nostalgic, summer days in mind, whereas this is something for those summer nights, after the sun goes down when the earth under your feet is still hot…"

Now the EP is available to stream online in its entirety. Containing recent Track Of The Day 'Don't You Know' you can listen to 'Home & Consonance' in its entirety below.

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