Trophie, Iceboy Violet Merge Forces On ‘Alone’

The Australia-based, Yorkshire-raised artist drops her first release of the year...

Trophie and Iceboy Violet have teamed up on brand new single ‘Alone’.

The track marks the Yorkshire-raised vocalist, producer and songwriter’s first release of this year, birthed from the process of grief and vulnerability. Momentously future-facing, ‘Alone’ pushes boundaries with its glitching bass and noise, inviting a warped, volatile verse from Iceboy Violet, an invigorating force to rise from Manchester’s underground. 

The track follows last year’s debut EP ‘Dark City’, a bold introduction that crafts a space between electronic music, art pop and the experimental. Since then, the classically trained artist has continued to expand on a more industrial sound, hinting towards a new chapter ahead.

‘Alone’ is distinctly poignant and atmospheric, unique in its exploration of raw, universal emotion. Speaking on the track, Trophie details…

I wrote this track after losing someone very close to me. The track is about feeling too scared to open up again after the pain and trauma death brings. Everything from the production to the melodies to the lyrics just came to me for this track, I finished it very quickly and knew I wanted Iceboy to feature because of their raw and visceral lyrics and delivery.

Iceboy killed it as I knew they would and their performance perfectly feeds into the beat, something I played on when editing their vocals almost making them part of the percussive landscape in sections.

Tune in now.

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