Trinket Launch Debut EP ‘New Hobby’

Indie pop galore...

Brooklyn trio Trinket has shared plans for their debut EP ‘New Hobby’.

The group are informed by the British indie pop lineage, alongside some more Stateside-centric points of reference. In thrall to the fey aspects of Sarah Records, you can also place Trinket alongside 90s outfit Velocity Girl, say, or even contemporaries such as West Coast outfit The Umbrellas.

A recent flurry of singles caught our ear, with London based Sad Club Records stepping in to release the band’s debut EP ‘New Hobby’. Out on February 29th, the title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the band itself, while they’ve just shared something new.

Out now, new single ‘Silver Thread’ is all slender guitar lines, rickety drums, and appealingly off kilter vocals, it’s unkempt lack of finesse matching Trinket’s DIY messthetics. Madison Kate comments…

“This song is about idealisation, getting to a point with someone important in your life who sends you mixed messages. Maybe you want them to be someone they aren’t, maybe you’re projecting onto them. You’re giving them a certain level of time and energy that they can’t or don’t want to reciprocate. It’s about stopping that cycle and letting yourself move forward.”

Shot and edited by Nara Avakian on Hi8 cam, you can check out ‘Silver Thread’ below.

Photo Credit: Michelle LoBianco, Brooklyn Elitist

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