Debut solo album gets expanded

Bristol maverick Tricky is set to re-issue his debut album 'Maxinquaye' with a host of extras.

Bristol is closely linked with soundsystem culture. Legendary DJ team The Wild Bunch spawned Massive Attack, Banksy and perhaps most strikingly of all the dark productions of Tricky.

Born in the Knowle West housing estate, Tricky's father walked out on the family when he was still a baby. Then, at the age of four the producer's mother died leaving him in the care of his grandmother.

Running foul of the law Tricky soon came into contact with the city's vibrant music scene. Beginning to rap, Tricky won pride of place on Massive Attack's debut album 'Blue Lines'. With his breathy, half-spoken style Tricky influenced a generation of British MCs, helping them to craft their own identity.

Breaking away from Massive Attack Tricky began to craft the songs that would later become his debut album. Signing with Island Records the producer worked closely with singer Martina Topley-Bird.

Released in 1995 'Maxinquaye' sounded like little before it - or since. Named in honour of his dead mother the album was dark and dense, introverted to the point of paranoia. A touchstone for the trip hop movement, its blend of samples broke new ground for British productions.

Nominated for the Mercury Music Prize it launched Tricky's career and in many ways remains his artistic high point. Aggressive and confrontational, it soared into the UK charts on the back of solid reviews.

Reaching number three it was one of the Britpop era's most unlikely success stories. Now Tricky is set to re-visit the album on a new re-issue. Containing the original album the new version of 'Maxinquaye' contains a number of rough mixes.

Showing the intense recording process, the new mixes shed light on just how Tricky was able to emerge fully formed into his solo career.

Tricky's 'Maxinquaye' is due to be re-issued on November 2nd.

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