'A Journey Through The Heart Of A Pig' available to pre-order now

Tribes frontman Johnny Lloyd is set to release his first novel 'A Journey Through The Heart Of A Pig' later this year.

One of last year's most discussed indie newcomers, Tribes are currently working on their second album. Frontman Johnny Lloyd, though, has another - quite separate - project in mind.

The singer has literary ambitions, and recently completed his first novel. 'A Journey Through The Heart Of A Pig' is set to be released later this year, and is available to pre-order HERE (as NME points out).

According to a website devoted to the release, 'A Journey Through The Heart Of A Pig' is influenced by left field science fiction. Here's a synopsis:

"1988. With his mother video-taping every channel, Martin Gardner's satellite is launched into space. Its purpose, to reach further than ever before and bring back proof, if any, that a Heaven exists. With the world still half asleep, its days roll into night and its children go missing. Martin and his best friend Ronnie, unable to explain what is happening, are thrust ever deeper into danger. It seems all is lost when an old man and his hounds begin their hunt for the man who made the sky fall."

- - -

Late last year, Clash spoke to Tribes bass player Jim Cratchley about the possibility of a second album from the Camden troupe. "It’s mixed and we’re just waiting for it to be mastered on Thursday" he revealed. "It’s being mastered over in New York and they’ve obviously had a bit of trouble recently so things have slowed down a little bit. We’ve had one draft of the mastering through already and we’re all really happy with it".

Tribes are scheduled to release their second album in 2013.