Trent Reznor Has Lost His Grammy Awards

And he doesn't care...

Trent Reznor has apparently lost his Grammy awards while moving house – and he doesn’t care.

Ah, the Grammy awards. The annual ceremony dominates the news headlines but does anyone really care?

Trent Reznor led Nine Inch Nails for two decades, earning 12 nominations and winning two gongs in the process. Speaking to Hollywood Reporter recently, the songwriter explained that he is unsure where the trophies actually are.

Moving house recently, the songwriter apparently lost his trophies in transit. Continuing, Trent Reznor explained that he has no intentions of tracking them down.

“Why don’t the Grammys matter? Because it feels rigged and cheap – like a popularity contest that the insiders club has decided. The movie side is interesting, challenging, different and rewarding in way that I hadn’t experienced through my music career.”

Trent Reznor is definitely not the only musician to feel burned by the Grammy awards. The New York Times recently published a number of negative comments about the ceremony from Bon Iver singer Justin Vernon:

“And who is that award given by? It’s like they think it’s literally handed down by the musical-history gods. And I don’t know who the voters are. Like, I have a friend who’s a voter who was like, ‘I had to be a voter because I don’t trust the other voters.’ And I was like, ‘Me either!’ And it’s just not important and people spend too much time thinking about it.”

The catch? Bon Iver were subsequently nominated in four categories at this year’s Grammy awards. Taking to Twitter, Justin Veron reflected on the comments. “well, thanks to @joncaramanica … 🙂 Everyone now knows how I felt back last February about the grammies. Room to grow, but I agree mostly”.

Catch the full list of Grammy nominations HERE.

The Grammy awards take place on February 12th.

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