Featuring three (count 'em!) Fat White Family tracks...
'Thinking About Moving To Hastings'

An economic downturn tends to herald a return to DIY values.

Belts are tightened, budgets are shortened and artists think: well, why not just do it ourself?

Trash Mouth Records is an example of this. Exemplifying the current dark strain of British guitar music, the imprint has developed a knack for unearthing deliciously evil sounding groups.

New compilation 'Thinking About Moving To Hastings' is a fine place to start. Out on October 13th - well, it would be the 13th, wouldn't it? - the album pieces together the imprint's story thus far.

Available on double vinyl, CD and digital download, the compilation boasts not one, not two, but three tracks by Fat White Family. Tracklisting as follows:

1. Zsa Zsa Sapien – Foreign Muck Pt. 1
2. Taman Shud – Book of Lies
3. Meatraffle – Oppenheimer
4. Warmduscher – The Salamander
5. Bat-Bike – Drag & Drop
6. Decius – Come To Me Villa
7. David Cronenberg's Wife – Free State Congo
8. No Cars – 1234 Go Rock
9. Bat Bike – Snack
10. Pit Ponies – Furies
11. Warmduscher – Uncle Sleepover
12. Fat White Family – These Hands
13. Taman Shud – The Hex Inverted
14. Fat White Family – Beige
15. Phobophobes – Make A Person
16. Lewis Idle – Hair & Perfume
17. Pit Ponies – Deptford Love Song
18. David Cronenberg's Wife – All Of Me
19. Fat White Family – Without Consent (Decius Remix)
20. Meatraffle – Follow Dog 'Thinking About Moving To Hastings' will be released on October 13th.

Trash Mouth Records will host two launch parties at London's Shacklewells Arms on October 15th and 16th.

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