I've Loved You For So Long

These things take time.

The Unwinding Hours delivered their debut album back in 2010, impressing all and sundry with their gently brooding brand of rock songcraft. And then? Nothing.

But perhaps that’s only appropriate. The two musicians (Craig B and Iain Cook) involved were previously 50% of Aerogramme, a band who never quite got their due from the wider public due to the fact that they were always kinda there. Withdraw supply, create demand.

So: album 2. The Unwinding Hours have spent their time wisely, drafting and re-drafting, whittling down songwriting ideas until they found a clear direction. ‘Afterlives’ is – as you might guess from the title – far from an easy listen, with the lyrical matter tending to deal with what you might tag ‘serious subjects’.

The riffs, though, are sublime. The Unwinding Hours have this steady euphoria running through their music which transcends the lyrical matter; it doesn’t matter how dark it gets, there’s a ruddy great chord change a-coming which will rock your socks.

Here’s album highlight ‘I’ve Loved You For So Long’ to prove our point.

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