JuJu Rogers was born between two worlds.

His father was an American GI, while his mother was an Austrian woman living in Germany. Growing up with two aspects to his heritage, he felt confused, out of step with the German youth around him.

Turning to music as a means to define and redefine his own identity, he used rap as a vessel to communicate feelings he could scarcely describe.

The second artist ever to feature on vital video series COLORS, JuJu Rogers released his debut album to astonishing acclaim.

A dexterous rapper who dared to be different, he continually looks deeper, constantly searching for answers.

His second album is incoming, with JuJu Rogers sharing new single 'Babylon' - "a song of strength and progress" - before this.

Produced by Farhot, the digital arrangement sits apart from JuJu's bars, so humane and organic in their approach. It's a track driven by stark honesty, as he explains...

"After talking about depression, temptation, the craving for money in a capitalist world with all its possible consequences, after asking questions of identity with the clear answer: God. 'Babylon' represents the outlook and possible perspective, the break away moment of the album. It's a song of strength and progress. It also creates a very positive vibration as the last song of the album which made a lot of sense to me as the whole album holds a more mystical vibe to it.“

We're able to share the video, and it plays both with inner and outer worlds, as well as Imperialism vs freedom. He continues...

"The idea behind the video for Babylon is pretty close to the lyrics and overall message of the song: I wanted to call out Babylon, the society and the state of mind people in this society have, and give my personal response to the social and psychological contradictions within it: decolonisation and liberation. Berlin, the rough and urban capitalist city in the West vs. the Moroccan hills, desert and sea."

"Consuming, abusing, and (re)presenting in the fast pace times of social media vs. solitude and meditation in nature on the continent of Africa."

Tune in now.

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