Junius Meyvant (Credit: Sigga Ella)
'Let It Pass'

There's something about Iceland that seems to touch everyone who witnesses its landscapes.

A country blessed with a certain atmosphere, being surrounded by such dramatic beauty seems to spur on its creative communities.

Júníus Meyvant is a highly creative songwriting, with his rich, engrossing compositions matching lyrical intrigue to some bewitching arrangements.

New album 'Across The Borders' will be released on January 25th, following sessions at the renowned Hljóðriti Studio on the outskirts of Reykjavik.

It's a remarkable record, full of individual passions, and a songwriting sense that favours openness and emotion.

We're able to share 'Let It Pass', with its dreamy harmonies emerging from the deepest depths of Júníus Meyvant's subconscious.

“'Let It Pass' is a song that came to me in a dream. My wife woke me up because I was beatboxing in my sleep. In the dream my good friend, Andri, who helped me a lot in the making of my albums, was running around this chair with his forehead stuck to the chairs back screaming: RECORD THIS! IT’S A HIT! In the background was this song and the chorus was going: Let It Pass, Let It Pass..."

"The next thing I know is my wife standing over me asking what I was doing with my mouth. I jumped on my feet and recorded the song on my phone. By this time I had already recorded all the drums and bass for the songs I had for the album. That morning I went to the studio and told Kiddi, my sound engineer I had this new song we had to record. We were already behind schedule but when he heard the demo on my phone he jumped on his feet saying this song must go on the album."

"The song is about addiction. In the dream my friend was running in circles. I think every addiction ferezes all activity because you’re running in circle. You are in this pattern of bad behaviour stuck in the same situation again and again (running in circles)."

Tune in now.

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