Berlin based composer Midori Hirano has a touch that is both breathlessly light and wonderfully intense.

Someone who sits on the fringes of the classical realm, she's able to blend spider-like piano sketches with spectral electronics.

Midori Hirano will release a new album on Friday - September 10th - and it represents a fresh start for her, and a clean slate.

Set to be released on her new home of Sonicscope, it follows some high profile soundtrack work on the acclaimed film Mizuko.

Something was sparked into the composer, and this has evolved into a full length work, one that is daring, ambitious, and deeply atmospheric.

She comments: “I was fascinated by the combination of the image and sound which well emphasised the stillness with a slight of emotion.”

New song 'Void' is endlessly beautiful, with each note seeming suggest an entire universe of its own.

Airing through Clash, you can check it out now.

Photo Credit: Sylvia Steinhaeuser


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