African Inspired Punk

With the internet bringing the world closer together, it seems that band are choosing more and more esoteric influences.

Take Fair Ohs. The London outfit began by making hardcore punk, in love with Dischord and loud guitars. However over time their music softened, and African influences began to be displayed.

However this isn't some chirpy Vampire Weekend-lite. Fair Ohs have blended African rhythms with stuttering guitar lines, all swept along in a lo-fi aesthetic that betrays their underground, DIY origins.

Making a name for themselves, Fair Ohs sit at the centre of a rejuvenated London guitar scene - assist Matt Flag runs the burgeoning Suplex Cassettes tape empire and guitarist Eddy Frankel runs the Moshi Moshi Records world music imprint Dream Beach Records.

Focussing on their debut album, Fair Ohs released 'Everything Is Dancing' earlier this month. Striking out on their own, the record is an indication of the band's independent approach.

Released via the band's own Honey High label, 'Everything Is Dancing' is a joyful, sunny salute to youthful endeavour. Accompanied by a flurry of live dates, Fair Ohs seem determined not to be left behind.

A collection of euphoric pop nuggets, 'Everything Is Dancing' is all off-kilter riffs, pounding drums and vocals swallowed whole by reverb. Repeated listens reveal a beating pop heart, with singer Eddy Frankel coming to the fore.

Taken from the new album, 'Summer Lake' has the musical effect of a distorted polaroid - a memory of youthful summer stretched by time and the weathering disturbances of recollection.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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