Esther has always had this desire to make music, to communicate what she was feeling.

Travelling from her native Sweden to Copenhagen - in reality a skip across the water - as part of the Teenage Engineering Soundsystem.

Plating the Haven music festival, her obvious ability and burning will to succeed caught the attention of Nordic pop powerhouse Pontus Winnberg.

Returning to Stockholm, she began working with feverish energy, writing song after song after song. Astonishing new single 'Kvällsgäst' was part of this wave.

Using that unforgettable line “I’ve got a fire burning inside of me...” she then dives into something haunting yet emphatic, with her emotional sense heightened with every passing note.

She recalls: "This song was the second song I ever wrote. Just like with 'Wolves' it sort of came to me all at once, right before a show. 'Kvällsgäst' roughly translates to 'Nightly Visitor' in English. Not in a creepy way - think of it more like a friend coming over to talk. Maybe it’ll haunt your nights, maybe it won’t. I take no responsibility!"

Clash has been gifted the unforgettable visuals, and they're the perfect entry point into Esther's world - vivid, up close, and draped in trademark red, you can check it out below.

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