Dancefloor Rock Action

The first signing to the resurrected Deconstruction label, Diagram Of The Heart have plenty to shout about.

Filling venues across London, the band mixture fist pumping rock with elements of euphoric dance. A bit like The Killers did back in the early days, this is glamorous indie rock with an electronic heartbeat.

Live, the band are a bundle of energy. Borrowing from the same rock rule book which spawned Kasabian it seems that Diagram Of The Heart can match some slick tunes with a few classic moves.

Strutting like prime peacock Mick Jagger, the sheer confidence that runs through Diagram Of The Heart is infectious. Debut single 'Dead Famous' was a gentle introduction to their talents, a huge slice of pop music which began with gentle pianos and ended in a wailing wall of demented synths.

Currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album, Diagram Of The Heart have allowed ClashMusic a quick listen. Grabbing a souvenir from the studio, we can present 'Did I' as an exclusive free download.

With Diagram Of The Heart set to become unavoidable as the summer ends, consider yourselves warned...

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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