Deep Cut Remix


Not stereophonic, or polyphonic... megaphonic.

It's an intriguing concept. Louder, harder... MEGA. Returning with their second album, The Megaphonic Thrift are keen to push that concept as far as it can go. Self-titled, the new album really feels like the band are straining as hard as they can, to push themselves as far as they can go.

Out now, the record finds the Norwegians expand the noise pop template until it cracks around the edges. Naturally, 'The Megaphonic Thrift' is best played loud - that is, if your eardrums can cope with the overwhelming noise...

Stripped from the new record, 'Tune Your Mind' distils every ounce of The Megaphonic Thrift into once three minute dollop of volume and pulse-hastening riffs.

Handing the track over to fellow noiseniks Deep Cut, the resulting remix is a thing of strange, gnarled beauty. Deep Cut - or more specifically Mat Flint, Si Flint and Ian Button - stretch out every squelch of feedback from 'Tune Your Mind'.

Instead of tuning your mind, Deep Cut intend to fuck it up. Heavy, Krautrock inspired nonsense, their take on 'Tune Your Mind' is titled the Suicidal Remix - a mark of the sheer sonic nihilism running through the mp3.

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