Track Of The Day 8/7 – Luca Wilding

'Book Of Fate'

Luca Wilding works with a rare sense of intensity.

The songwriter made his bow last year, sharing material that marked the South East London artist out from the crowd.

Deeply lyrical, devoutly personal, and explicitly honest, each song feels hewn from some darker element of his soul.

New EP 'Book Of Fate' arrives on October 15th (order it HERE), his second EP to date and it allows him space to fully explore his artistry.

The title song is online now, and it's a hugely impressive work, almost folk-hewn at times while rendering those emotions with stark language.

The full video incorporates elements from Bleach, a short film made by director Jesse Lewis-Reece in 2019.

Exploring themes of becoming and forgiveness, it's viewed through the lens of a trans man's transition.

Luca Wilding explains…

"This promo is really special to me, the film was reimagined from Jesse Lewis-Reece’s multi-award-winning short, 'Bleach'. When I first saw 'Bleach' I was immediately drawn to the singular way in which this young director had depicted a father-son relationship."

"Upon speaking to Jesse, I discovered that Elijah, the lead actor, was undergoing the same transition that Jay, the protagonist was undergoing in the film-world Jesse had created. I was so inspired by the allyship, sensitivity and artistic care taken by Jesse in the presentation of this story and this wider issue. The film deals with time-old themes of love, loss and self overcoming, against the backdrop of a young person's struggle with their gender identity. I feel if more directors worked in this subtle and inclusive way we would move ever closer towards normalising and raising the visibility of some of the most complex and important issues in society."

"It made me think of why I wrote 'Book Of Fate', which is, at its core, a song of forgiveness. The film paints a complex picture of fatherhood; of acceptance and absolution. Like 'Book of Fate', it attempts to demonstrate that the world is not a simply divisible system of good things and bad things, but a complex web of multi-textural and intersectional issues, where identity, class and mental health coalesce. And in such a world, forgiveness is of the greatest importance."

Tune in now.

Order 'Book Of Fate' EP HERE.

Photo Credit: Joe Connor

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