'Alone Not Lonely'

Exeter's Soot Sprite blend post-emo tropes with swathes of guitar effects lifted from the shoegaze arena.

Sketching out their own aural landscape, the band's songwriting is rooted in their own experiences, transforming these into something universal.

Freshly signed to the good people at Specialist Subject - who also work with FRESH, Doe, Jeff Rosenstock, Muncie Girls - Soot Sprite's new EP is incoming.

New single 'Alone Not Lonely' leads the way, and its punchy guitar pop matches a bubbling bass line to martial drumming that lifts the song to another dimension.

The guitars ooze shoegaze charm, recalling the likes of Swervedriver or even NOTHING, while vocalist Elise Cook pins down the need for solitary time, and a space outwith relationships to call your own.

A sign of personal and musical development, 'Alone Not Lonely' is the sound of someone putting themselves first, and cutting tis with relationships that do not serve them.

Elise Cook comments...

“This was one of those epiphany moments, where I realised that alone I was not only okay, but I was thriving, and it wasn’t down to anyone else except myself. It was that realisation of self-love and owning my accomplishments in life. It came out in this form of pure joy that I needed to put into song.”

Tune in now.


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