'Goonda Gold'

Cartel Madras aren't about to be restrained.

A project that revels in both creative and personal freedom, the rap outfit are both internationalist in scope and explicitly personal in aesthetic.

Working with Sub Pop, there's a lot more to come from the duo, with Eboshi and Contra firing together trap and their South Indian heritage with an almost punk-like relish for DIY.

New EP 'Age Of The Goonda' lands on November 1st, and with Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces battling their corner this is an explosion that should resonate in all corners of the globe.

The EP is led by fiery new hymn 'Goonda Gold' and it emphasises their pan-continent mosaic of sound - 'goonda' means thug, a word used across across India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

'Goonda Gold' is a real mission statement, turning 'goonda' from slang into virtually an entire worldview. Eboshi explains...

"'Goonda Gold' is a song for the underdog. We are two queer, POC rappers that are actively creating space for ourselves and other artists like us."

"'Goonda Gold' announces itself - the track and the video - and demands your attention. We wanted a video that was true to the nature and the sound of the 'goonda'. We wanted to convey how our audiences feel when they hear this song. Goonda Gold captures the danger and excitement of Cartel Madras."

Contra adds: "'Goonda Gold' sets the tone for 'Age Of The Goonda' and the Cartel Madras universe - the underdogs are rising up and the world is changing. We’ve always imagined the Goonda as someone from different walks of life moving through the world fiercely, readying themselves for a fight. Gold chains on, cut lip; this song is for the baddies."

Bhaveek Makan and Jashan Makan united to direct this phenomenal new video - watch it now.

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