'Fossil Scale'
Georgia Ruth (Credit: Kirsten McTernan)

Georgia Ruth seeks inspiration on what surrounds her.

Winning the Welsh Music Prize back in 2013 for her acclaimed bi-lingual debut album, the songwriter then retreated to her native Caernarfon, North Wales, to work on fresh material.

Surrounded by blissful countryside and the innate sense of history weighing down upon the landscape, Georgia seemed to locate the space she needed to continue her work.

Switching between the certainty of history and the threat of the present, the songwriter's new album 'Fossil Scale' is an intriguing work.

Out on October 7th, the title cut pits breezy guitars and impossible to place electronics against her coy, innocent vocal.

'Fossil Scale' is a deeply intelligent return, and the Eilir Pierce-directed video takes Georgia Ruth down to the beach for an eye-catching, surreal, and thoughtful new clip.

Check it out now.

Need more Georgia Ruth in your life? We don't blame you! Here's a sweet remix...

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