Grab A Chair

Rambling can be beneficial.

Raising your voice, airing an opinion. Sometimes just taking off, with no strict destination in mind, can take you where you want to go.

Take The Pheromoans. A three piece from the South East of England, the band’s explosive work rate has witnessed them filling three years with countless seven inches, a few EPs and three (count ‘em) albums.

Their latest full length, though, finds the band moving in a pop direction. Yet this isn’t some slick, Pro Tools bound affair. Rather, ‘Does This Guy Stack Up?’ is reminiscent of those strange days in the mid 80s when The Fall scored genuine, Top 40 singles.

Boasting a ramshackle, DIY ethic each song seems to have its own internet design. Rooted against the bass lines, ‘Does This Guy Stack Up?’ seems to wander off on its own accord – all whims and unexpected decisions.

Out on September 3rd via Upset The Rhythm, ClashMusic have been handed a quick preview from the new album. ‘Grab A Chair’ clocks in at almost exactly three minutes, all surreal, cut ‘n’ paste lyrics, throbbing bass and guitars filled with so much treble they feel like they might crack and splinter.

Listen to it now...


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