'Fishing For The Sun'

Flamango Bay are a new group with deep roots in the DIY communities that criss-cross the American west coast.

Based in San Francisco – a city experiencing a neat up-surge in creative energy – they draw on the historic independence and liberal nature of their surroundings.

Freshly signed to 0800-Moshi-Moshi – a digital-only offshoot of the UK label – the group have just sharing fuzzy-buzzy guitar pop burner 'Fishing For The Sun'.

A glorious piece of indie pop with a neat DIY feel, 'Fishing For The Sun' was prompted by a gender identity crisis, but more broadly it's about learning to accept truths that have silently existed in your life for some time.

With lyrics built during isolation, 'Fishing For The Sun' melds together the explicitly personal with something broader, and inviting; powered by empathy, it's a neat, skewed piece of guitar pop.

Flamango Bay – Ikaika Gunderson, Dash Goss Post, and Georgia Manou – comment…

"'Fishing For The Sun' is like finally coming to terms with and acknowledging life’s hard realities. You were ignoring something and now you’ve finally gone through what you needed to to be able to face it. Now you’re trying to figure out your place in the world moving forward."

"In the case of Ikaika (Gunderson), their gender identity was the thing they were ignoring and 'fishing for the sun' was how they began to look at it head on and unpack it. They wrote this song during a very isolated part of quarantine, when a lot of people including themself were questioning and contemplating their identity. In astrology your sun sign represents your identity, so fishing for the sun could mean trying to figure out who you are."

“If not for these activists and people of marginalised identities normalising being themselves, we wouldn’t have had the groundwork to express ourselves and our art.”

Tune in now.

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