'W Y S X'
'W Y S X'

Punk and hip-hop were always two sides of the same coin.

Two scenes born from unique experiences, they were a means of pushing back against authorities, a self-contained, counter-cultural world.

Brighton isn't really big enough for scenes like that to stay separate, so it's little wonder that Para Fiction decided to unite the two.

Back to basics punk rock matched to a hip-hop flair, they recall 'Check Your Head' era Beastie Boys, when the samplers were switched off and the Marshall amps were switched back on.

Hardcore delivered with a real sense of swagger, the south coast duo - Jambo Unchained and Master Fado - actually met at one of the city's foremost drum 'n' bass nights, catching a smoke outside and exchanging numbers in the process.

New single 'W Y S X' is all sharp edges, about-turns, and rhythmic dexterity; turning on the head of a pin, Para Fiction make being out of control look incredibly infectious, and completely in reach.

The visuals are a treat, too. Tune in below.

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