Arran George
'The Middle'

Arran George seems able to shut his bedroom door and conjure entirely new worlds.

Working alone with the most basic of set ups, his pop contortions are sparse but bewitching, continually surprising and completely engaging.

Soulful of vocal and astute of arrangement, his minimalist alt-pop slant uncovers fresh meaning in the most familiar of tropes.

With an EP incoming the Cumbrian talent has handed something new to Clash, a demo version of his aching, poetic new song 'The Middle'.

Using those deft guitar chords Arran George is able to build something subtle but powerful, recalling everyone from Beck to Frank Ocean.

He comments...

You can miss what you’ve never had, which seems strange and cruel. Worse still is never deciding anything until something or someone tells you to.

It makes sense to me that picking your own choices and wondering, is better than being told what to do and never deciding anything on your own. The worst quality in a person, is that looking behind for someone to tell them that what they say and do is acceptable.

Tune in now.

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