Riverside Gets Remixed

Electro house could continue its assault on the mainstream in 2010 - if Sidney Samson gets his way.

Initially released last April, 'Riverside' has passed Chinese Whisper-like through the hands of some of the world's finest producers. Given countless overhauls and reworkings it became one of 2009's most prominent dance anthems.

A massive hit in Australia 'Riverside (Let's Go!)' is buoyed by a an ultra-catchy riff and a foul mouthed refrain. Swearing isn't just big and clever it's rebellious too - although it's a shame that a few bleeps could deny Sidney Samson a place on prime time radio.

Released on Monday (January 4th) a new version of 'Riverside (Let's Go!)' sees Sidney Samson getting a once over by American hip hop team Wizard Sleeve. Not the Erol Alkan project, but its Stateside brethren who give the track a ferocious crunk style punch.

ClashMusic have grabbed the Lil Silva remix, allowing you to kickstart 2010 with some serious dancefloor action.

Listen to it now... Download it HERE!

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