'Life After Love'

Jio Nadal has always communicated through music.

A potent producer who is close to the crew around Quiet Time, he's released beats that pilfer from techno, tropical house, and so much more.

Now using the Jio pseudonym, his incoming nine track project 'TFW' is deftly personal, daringly creative, and completely, completely thrilling.

Clash was sent a copy up front a few weeks back, and - honestly - we've listened to little else, swooning at its fractal take on R&B, astute electronics, and obtuse but beguiling arrangements.

Out shortly on Quiet Time, it's set to gain a limited double cassette release, with Jio also crafting a 'zine to compliment the project.

We're able to share 'Life After Love' and it's about that hollowed out feeling that follows a break up, the sense of loss and the emerging spirit of renewal.

Meditative, it's oblique lyricism carries a hidden directness, while Jio's supple vocal has this kind of introverted, inverse D'Angelo feeling to it.

Tune in below.

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