Dismantle And Rebuild
The Ramona Flowers

Indie-dance is one of those terms which will never really become fashionable.

It's too indelibly linked to student unions, to endless remixes of The Gossip. But with Bristol's own The Ramona Flowers we like to think we'll make an exception.

See, there's indie songcraft here, for sure, but alongside this there's a delicate sense of production which draws you out onto the dancefloor. Debut EP 'Dismantle' is out on November 4th, and by way of a preview we've got a stream of lead track 'Dismantle'. Oh, and to ease you into their universe we're going to let The Ramona Flowers introduce the track.

- - -

'Dismantle and Rebuild' is about letting everything go for just one night, putting aside your life for a moment and being free. The songs was the first song we wrote on the album, and was probably one of the hardest and the longest. The verse came pretty quickly, but it felt so good to us, that it then took the best part of a month working solely on this song to try and write a chorus that would match the verse! We eventually got there but it very nearly didn't make it. We then recorded it with two different producers until we eventually started working with Andy Barlow. He saw that there was something special there but was able to put his twist on it, which really bought it to life.


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