'Past Life'
White Kite

White Kite allow art and life to become intertwined.

One informs the other, with the London trio using their exploratory approach to pick apart elements from their own lives.

New single 'Past Life' has a chugging, Krautrock influenced groove, with that inquisitive skeleton fleshed out by some marvellous electronics.

There's a subtle pop trace, too, with White Kite utilising some endearing wonky melodies to stamp out their own ground.

The lyrics, though, move a little deeper than this, with singer Louis Shadwick exploring his own sexuality:

"'Past Life' is about my experience of growing up having to hide what I was, and how that makes you feel like you have to lead a double life. You constantly have to reconcile a sense of shame and abnormality with the excitement and liberation of finding places and people with who you can express yourself and not be judged."

Tune in now.

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