'Do Something You Can't Take Back'

It's been - to put it lightly - a year.

2020 churned up some long-standing societal issues, with the death of George Floyd sparking global Black Lives Matter marches.

For the music industry, Blackout Tuesday became a moment to reflect, a time to chart a forward path that was truly inclusive.

London songwriter Amahla couldn't help but absorb some of these energies - a Black woman making her way in the UK music industry, she's seen at first-hand the obstacles that still exist.

New EP 'Where Do We Go From Here' is a mature, rounded offering, pitting her deep-rooted soul and R&B influences against literate, revealing, and highly personal lyrics.

Her gorgeous track 'Do Something You Can't Take Back' is a plea towards practical activism, an urge to put those well-meaning social media platitudes into IRL use.

She explains: "I wrote 'Do Something You Can't Take Back' in response to ‘Blackout Tuesday’ in June 2020. On that day over 28 million people posted Black squares to instagram, but solidarity is practical not symbolic."

"With the video I wanted to remind people why it's so important to protest and use our voice. We also used footage from fans who took a physical stand against racism last year, it was a special moment bringing this to life. Like I sing in the chorus 'do something that you can't take back, from me...'"

We're able to share the video to this beautiful song, and the message contained within it remains as potent, and as vital as it was 12 months ago.

Something to absorb on a deeper level, you can check it out below.

- - -


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