Listen to 'Great Life'...
Magic Arm

Another day, another track of the day on Clash.

Today’s is ‘Great Life’, from Magic Arm. Said artist can also be found in social circles trading under his real name of Marc Rigelsford, and for some years now he’s been a glinting star on the Manchester scene.

That music of his: loop-based, tender yet also with purpose and drive, and replete with a recommendation or two from some well-known sorts. Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste has called Rigelsford’s sounds “incredible”, which Sam Beam of Iron & Wine fame referred to him as “master of the loop pedal”.

So, yeah. He’s pretty decent.

The second Magic Arm album, ‘Images Rolling’, is released via Switchflicker/Peacefrog on June 10th. It’s a less-electro-hued offering than its predecessor, albeit a set that still leans on digital manipulation to build its arrangements. Perhaps a comparison to a samples-frying Mercury Rev would be ballpark. Perhaps.

Judge for yourself, to an extent, by listening to ‘Great Life’, below.

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